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We understand that for many even the thought of setting up accounts, remembering passwords and downloading apps can seem very daunting. That’s where we can take all those worries away.

How can a logo designer help your business?

Why? Because within seconds, our brain has associates a successful logo with success.

It not only has the power to communicate your brand identity and what you stand for, it is also the first impression clients have on your business.

A well thought out and designed logo builds trust and tells potential clients who you are, what you do and how it benefits them. Make it count.

How we approach your logo design project to achieve success?

We know that to achieve success in your businesses field is to get to know your brand and what you stand for. We’ll sit down with you to really understand your businesses mission. We understand that every business is different and with our in depth experience across a range of industries, we have full confidence that we can create a logo and brand which reflects your personality within seconds.

We know the importance of colour when it comes to your businesses logo. People make a subconscious judgement in less than a minute and in almost 85% of cases this is based on colour choice. Would you be as inclined to reach for a can of the most valuable brand in the world if it wasn’t red? Colours can reflect a brand without the use of words, which shows that a strong logo can make a huge influence. We’ll then look at fonts and design and what you’d like the logo to look. Fun Professional? Modern? Traditional?

To achieve this, we get to know your brand.

About Vari Social

Vari social provides personal, creative solutions to meet your social media, marketing and design needs.

With a background in product design and experience within the online retail sector, the importance of digital media marketing became evident. It really can make a difference. And it starts with creating the brand. That’s where we come in.

Working with a logo designer like us near you in Kelso

Is anyone else sick of zoom calls? Us too!

We know that the beauty of logo design means that we can work remotely but our mission is to always create a personal service which allows you to get to know us. Whether that’s meeting up for a coffee in (add location) or coming to visit your business to get a feel of what you’re all about, we’re close.

We’re an Edinburgh based company that takes the time to get to know our clients, understand their audience and create strong effective relationships within the industry. We specialise in design, social media, branding and advertising and cover all of Scotland and the UK.

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Fancy having a chat? We love getting to know new clients and their brands and are more than happy to give advice where possible.

No question is too big or too small – maybe you just need guided in the right direction when it comes to your logo design or you may want a full logo and brand refresh across your website and social – either way, we’ve got you covered.

Learn more about our Digital Marketing and Social Media services

We understand that for many even the thought of setting up accounts, remembering passwords and downloading apps can seem very daunting. That’s where we can take all those worries away.


Why is the content of your social media so important? Because it’s the platform to connect your target audience to your brand. If the content has been created, designed and thought out successfully then you’ve created a marketing campaign that reaches out to users who share the same beliefs and values as you.


We know that the power of running social media promotions can be huge. With a click of a button or one simple comment, the follower has instantly engaged and you’ve caught their attention. When a giveaway is run effectively it can be a really good tool in building a strong loyal following, especially with followers that may not have already known about your brand. It really is a ripple effect – when someone tags a friend in a comment your exposure is instantly doubled. Not only does it give people an incentive to follow, it raises huge brand awareness while increasing sales, engagement and subscribers all in one. 

We know the importance of brand advertising so whether it’s designing graphics for your instagram feed, taking beautiful lifestyle shots for your facebook account or creating a video that speaks without words across all platforms, then we can help.


We understand the importance of influencer marketing, providing the link between your brand and its awareness. Influencers are seen as the king and queens of the social media world so creating relationships with these people is crucial in the success of your marketing. 84% of consumers make a purchase about a product or service after reading an influencers blog – that’s why its so valuable.


We know that the importance of developing and finding your target market results in creating successful marketing campaigns, a loyal following and brand engagement. We’ll help you to interact with your target audience in the right way and make sure that the tone or message you are wanting to promote is always suited to them.


With a degree in Product Design and an experienced in depth knowledge of the concept to completion process – we can help develop your idea, big or small.

From identifying an opportunity in the market to developing a proper solution, we can be part of this design process.


When it comes to web design, we can create a stylised concept that is right for your brand.

We don’t pretend that we know how to fulfil the whole web creation process however we can kick it off by looking at your market and creating a style that is right for you. Through choosing the right imagery, to font choice and logotypes – we can create a concept.


We know that the power of video advertising can be huge. From creating short videos that represent your brand to editing a number of clips and creating the right tone – we can help.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, in that case how much is a video worth?


Whether you need some advice about marketing a new product, would like to chat about the design aspect of your business or maybe you’d like us to analyse and advise on your website. We work alongside great companies/ individuals who can understand your brand identity and who just get it. If you want to arrange a consultancy session then please do get in touch, no question is too simple or unworthy of our time. We want to help you, whether you’re starting up or an established business. 

@VARI has established strong relationships within the industry. This is critical in today’s world and it creates an environment where we can exchange diverse talents and ideas. We play a crucial role in connecting you with key experts to help excute your project efficiently.


Why choose us as your logo designer in Kelso?

Our personal and small team have the knowledge and design to recognise the needs of your brand. We have the experience of working with both start up businesses to established companies and feel that we can offer a personal, creative service to you.

We pride ourselves in offering no fixed contracts or tied down deals. So whether you’d like a one off logo design or a design service on a more consistent basis, we’re flexible.

Although our team is small, we are dedicated and love what we do and we have the pleasure of working alongside other great companies and individuals who can understand your brand identity and who just get it. If you want to arrange a consultancy session then please do get in touch, no question is too simple or unworthy of our time.

Committed to helping businesses grow in Kelso

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