Social Media Promotions

The power of Social Media promotions

We know that the power of running social media promotions can be huge. With a click of a button or one simple comment, the follower has instantly engaged and you’ve caught their attention. When a giveaway is run effectively it can be a really good tool in building a strong loyal following, especially with followers that may not have already known about your brand. It really is a ripple effect – when someone tags a friend in a comment your exposure is instantly doubled. Not only does it give people an incentive to follow, it raises huge brand awareness while increasing sales, engagement and subscribers all in one.

Reaching a wider audience

We understand that it is not just about promoting or running giveaways but it acts as the stepping stone for reaching a wider audience and allowing them to take a look at your brand and what it stands for. @VARI can advise, run, promote and deal with this for you.

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